Welcome to Michigan Ear, Nose, and Throat-Facial Plastic Surgeons. Our practice has offices conveniently located in Warren and Mt.Clemens.

Our practice offers patients quality medical care and services for a broad spectrum of ENT-related conditions, covering anything from chronic snoring to problems requiring surgical intervention. Our board certified surgeons provide the latest in facial plastics from Botox injections to the new MACS-face lift. For those wishing to take care of hearing problems, our experienced audiologist can put those problems to rest since we specialize in hearing aid services and sales.
Our health care team is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best care, as our entire staff is available to make your doctor's visit a beneficial and pleasant experience.

New Patient Registration: Upon first visits, new patients are asked to fill out a registration form, making it possible for our staff to assist in taking care of insurance claims. In addition, a general medical history form is required which includes a list of any medications so that the doctor can be well informed about his patients. Any x-rays, lab results or hospital reports regarding a patient's condition should be provided as well. Click Here to download the New Patient Registration form.


Appointments: Appointments are made on a computer-based system, making it easier to adhere to patients' schedules. We recognize the value of your time and try to accommodate all our patients, making appointments with the doctor as efficient as possible, from reducing time in the waiting room to a speedy checkout time. Given the nature of our specialty, however, please understand that medical and surgical emergencies may cause occasional unforeseen delays.
Note: In case of a post-operative problem, such as bleeding, high fever, or pain, the receptionist should be informed at once and an examination will be scheduled as soon as possible.
Insurance: We cannot accept the responsibility of negotiating claims with insurance companies or other persons. It is the patients responsibility to take care of health care costs within a reasonable time. Insurance policies are contracts between them and the patient, thus it is important that patients understand its provisions before a scheduled visit so that no unexpected costs are incurred.
Our practice participates with Medicare, Blue Cross, and most commercial insurance companies. If you have a deductible or co-pay, you are responsible for it. We cannot guarantee payment of your claims. Reduction or rejection of your claim by your insurance company does not relieve the financial obligation you have incurred. When an HMO, PPO, etc., requires referral forms or an authorization number, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate forms and authorization for the day of your visit.
TELEPHONE Consultations & PRESCRIPTIONS: We welcome calls concerning health matters. However, remember it is not possible to practice consistently good medicine over the phone without the benefit of patient examination. If you are calling in reference to a prescription, please have your pharmacy telephone number, prescription name and strength available. The staff must clear all prescriptions with a doctor before they can be ordered.