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A relatively new treatment for chronic sinusitis and other nasal complications is Balloon Sinuplasty. This innovative procedure restores nasal passages and helps you breath easier all year round. Balloon Sinuplasty allows you to get through allergy season without sinus pain and facial pressure. It also helps you combats the negative effects that pollution and the environment have on your breathing. Don’t just mask your sinus symptoms, make the decision to treat them with a Balloon Sinuplasty.



A Balloon Sinuplasty offers many advantages over traditional sinus surgeries. When sinus problems take over your face, it may feel bloated or like you have a cold that just won’t go away. In these cases, the immediate relief a Balloon Sinuplasty offers is extremely motivating. Further benefits of a Balloon Sinuplasty include:

• Minimally invasive

• Enhanced safety

• Reduced bleeding

• Improved recovery time

• No need for nasal packing

• Less painful

• Virtually no swelling

• Does not require any incisions



Balloon Sinuplasty surgery involves the use of small balloons to re-open blocked sinuses.  A thin catheter (tube) attached to a balloon is inserted into your nostril passages. Once inserted, the balloon is smoothly moved into the blocked nasal areas and inflated to create a space. Finally, the balloon is deflated and removed, leaving an opened space in the nasal passage. This space allows for restored nasal drainage and functioning. A Balloon Sinuplasty is fast, accurate and offers quick relief. It is a method, which can be used with other treatments to provide the best surgical sinus treatment for your individual needs.

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