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Ear Wax Extraction



Ear wax is one of your body’s natural defenses, but at times it can buildup and lead to ear wax blockage. In fact, up to 10% of American children and 5% of adults constantly experience ear wax blockage. Certain individuals have glands that produce more wax than others, and are biologically prone to ear wax blockage. Sometimes, in attempting to clean your ear, you can actually push wax deep inside the ear and accidentally cause buildup. Ear infections and temporary hearing loss can result from ear wax so it is important to contact your medical specialist right away if you suspect you may be suffering from ear wax blockage. We offer ear wax removal which carefully and safely withdraws wax from the ear canal.



You may have ear wax blockage and not yet know it. A doctor can best determine if you have significant ear wax blockage and what the proper removal method would be. Generally, individual who might require ear wax removal may also experience:

• Fever

• Dizziness

• Abrupt or persistent hearing loss

• Ear drainage 

• Ear pain

• A sensation of blockage in the ear 

• Ear noise (tinnitus)




Ear wax removal is recommended only under trained supervision. The inner workings of your ear are delicate and can easily be harmed from improper attempts to remove ear wax.  There are many nonsurgical ways your doctor can remove ear wax during an appointment. Your doctor will usually use a water pick or syringe. Occasionally, drops or medications are prescribed to help keep your ears healthy. We offer the latest technology in ear wax removal to keep your visits as comfortable as possible.

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