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While hearing loss affects as many as 28 million American children and adults, unfortunately only 5%-10% of these people have surgically or medically treatable conditions. Hearing aids may be beneficial when a condition is not treatable. A hearing evaluation will help determine if hearing aids will be useful for you and for your specific condition. Our experienced doctors will help determine the best type and model of hearing aid for each unique patient. There are many types of hearing aids available, and working with your doctor ensures that you will receive the best hearing aid for your needs. With many diverse styles and features of hearing aids to offer, your lifestyle, interests and activities can still remain important aspects of your life.

Once your doctor has determined whether a hearing aid would be beneficial for you, we can provide medical clearance for the aid. The FDA recommends that anyone requiring a hearing aid receive medical clearance from a physician. Medical clearance is in your best interest and is intended to allow our physicians to provide you with precise information and support. We are committed to the long-term care of hearing aid patients from the period beginning with your initial appointments through the fitting procedures and on through the regular management of your custom hearing aid.

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