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Hoarseness it defined as a difficulty to produce vocal sounds.  You may be able to produce noise, just not in the pitch or quality you desire. When you experience hoarseness, using your voice may be painful and it may come out as scratchy and weak. Hoarseness can be acute or chronic and likewise, minor or serious. Hoarseness hinders your ability to communication, which can greatly interfere with your life satisfaction. 


Hoarseness usually results from a problem involving your vocal cords. Your vocal cords are tissue bands of muscle in your throat, which vibrate to produce sounds. One or both of your vocal cords may be involved in your hoarseness depending on your specific condition. Another common condition, laryngitis, is an irritation of your larynx, or your “voice box”. It is not unlikely for your hoarseness to remain for many weeks, up to many months if left untreated.  In many cases, whispering will actually strain your vocal cords more than talking so it is important to have your doctor advise you on a proper treatment method.  Many types of hoarseness can be successfully treated in our office.

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