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Mouth & Throat Sores

Sore Throat


Painful sores can appear in your mouth, on your tongue and in your throat for a variety of reasons. Sores are not only hurtful, they are also embarrassing and can disturb with your lifestyle. Mouth, tongue and throat sores can be viral, bacterial, fungal or simply the result of irritation around the infected area. Sometimes called “cold sores” or “fever blisters” they emerge anywhere in your mouth including on the parts of your lips, gums and inner checks. Although they generally last only ten to fourteen days, they may last as long as six months or more without treatment. 


Mouth, tongue and throat sores are treated differently, depending on their causes. Sores may also indicate an underlying problem, which only your doctor can diagnose. Generally, causes of sores to the mouth, tongue and throat include but are not limited to:


• Virus

• Infection 

• Oral yeast infection 

• Stress

• Hormones

• Immune weakness

• Physical irritation to infected area (such as braces or dentures)

• Mouth burns (from hot food or drinks)

• Tobacco use

• Low levels certain vitamins 

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