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Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure which will help you look rested and youthful. Eyelid surgery involves removing extra muscle, fat or skin around your eyes. If you experience impaired vision from diminishing upper eyelids, sagging eyelashes or loose under-eye skin, an eye lift can prove to be beneficial for you. Occasionally, eyelid surgery also treats a condition called ptosis, or poor muscle tone, which is caused by overly-relaxed muscles around the eyes or damage to the nerves. Eyelid surgery is specifically for drooping eyelids and is one of many surgeries, in addition to a face, neck or brow lift for example, your doctor may recommend for an overall improvement in your appearance.


Ideal candidates for eyelid surgery require the procedure medically for problems, such as ptosis or other genetic factors, or are above the age of 35, and desire it for cosmetic reasons. Sun damage, body chemistry and age, as well as other factors will all determine how an eyelift will affect you. Your bone structure and optical needs may also influence your candidacy for eyelid surgery, so it is important to discuss all medical issues with your doctor. 


Eyelid surgery generally involves anesthesia, either local, where are you remain awake but numbed and sedated, or general, in where you are asleep. Your surgeon will make small incisions around your eyes, in places that can be well concealed with your natural face structure. Incisions are generally made along the upper eyelid creases or around the lower edge of your eyeskin reaching out toward the corners of your eyes. The procedure involves separating the skin from tissue and muscle so that excess the skin, muscle or tissue can be removed. Incisions are then closed using surgical tape, skin adhesives or certain types of stitches. Specifics of each procedure can vary, and your doctor will discuss with you the exact method for achieving the results you desire prior to your eyelid procedure. 


Final results from an eyelid procedure may take several weeks to appear, but normal activity can usually resume within ten days. Your eyes will gradually “look younger” while you heal after surgery, as you begin to look less puffy and wrinkled. Eyelid surgery is an excellent method to help you looking more energetic, rejuvenated and full of life! 

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