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One of the latest scientific breakthroughs in skin reinvention is laser resurfacing, which involves the use of light to correct cosmetic flaws. Lasers beams have the unique ability to softly vaporize and remove precise amounts of skin tissue, improving the look of your skin. We offer the most advanced technology in laser treatments, bringing you controlled and safe results. Laser resurfacing may be right for you if you experience or wish to eliminate:

• Active acne

• Acne or chickenpox scars

• Age spots 

• Light wrinkles and lines

• Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)

• Frown lines

• Smoker’s lines

• Patchy skin tone 

• Uneven skin texture 

• Sun damage

• Melasma (known as “the mask of pregnancy”)


Laser resurfacing offers many advantages over traditional anti-aging procedures,  and now with improving technology, laser treatment today is safer than ever. Some benefits of our advanced laser resurfacing include:

• More precise method

• More controlled results

• Decreased risk of accidental skin damage 

• Decreased bleeding

• Decreased risk of infection


Laser resurfacing involves a direct beam of intense laser light which will break apart the outer skin layer while heating underlying layers to stimulate new growth. The heat of the laser beam triggers collagen fibers in the new skin to contract. You are left with smoother, more radiant skin. Laser resurfacing is typically focused on removing lines around your eyes, mouth and large areas of your facial skin, however other areas may be treated. After surgery, the patient can usually return home the same day, with recovery lasting slightly over a week. The intensiveness of lasers may be adjusted for your skin concerns, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. All procedures will vary with your skin needs, and your doctor will discuss realistic expectations and techniques with you prior to your treatment. 

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