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The lips you were born with don’t have to be the lips you live with. If you have always wished for fuller, plumper and more attractive lips, we offer many procedures to give you the lips you’ve always wanted. We provide lip enhancement using fillers, or surgically using implants. Injectable fillers are ideal for individuals who desire temporary results, while implants are for those looking for lasting, permanent lip enhancement. If injections are your preference, we offer both traditional collagen fillers and the new Perlane® fillers as options for treatment. Additionally, lip reductions are also available to customize the shape and size of lips to the patient's preference. We specialize in providing patients with natural, beautiful lips through our wide variety of procedures.

Lip Injections​

A lip injection is a non-surgical procedure which cosmetically enhances the lips. After an injection, lips will look fuller, having more volume and may appear to have a restored “puckered” or natural "pucker". Risks associated with injections are minimal and results are temporary, however details vary by individual. Collagen, an industry leader, and Perlane®, the latest advancement in injectable fillers, are both offered for your convenience.



Collagen injections have traditionally been the top choice of individuals looking for a way to achieve gorgeous, full lips. Collagen is a natural part of our skin that becomes thinner and less supportive as we age. Collagen injections can be used to replace the natural collagen our lips need to look healthy and voluminous. The injections only take about ten minutes and discomfort is minimal. Results will vary but generally last about 12 weeks. 




Perlane® injections, an alternative to collagen, contain a biodegradable gel based on hyaluronic-acid. The injection leaves skin soft and natural with increased volume and plumpness. Results can be seen instantly, and Perlane® injections can last up to seven months; however treatment will vary by patient.


A lip implant is the surgical alternative for lip enhancement whereby a synthetic material is inserted into the lips. Anesthesia is typically provided and incisions are usually made at the corners or other places near the lips. These incisions allow for a needle to penetrate and inject lips with the implant. The procedure is only mildly uncomfortable with recovery time covering a few days, and with results lasting permanently. 

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