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Plastic surgery to the ears, or otoplasty, is the procedure to cosmetically enhance the shape, position or proportioning of your ears or ear lobes. An otoplasty is excellent for correcting malformed ears and creating facial balance. Malformed ears refers to ears that have excess cartilage (“protruding ears”), irregularly large ear lops, ears with a tip that bends forward and downward (“lop ear”), ears with abnormal creases or curves, and an ear that is too large (macrotia), among others irregularities. Your doctor can determine if you may require an otoplasty based on the cartilage and soft-tissue, such as skin or fat, of your ears. 


It is common for children to have an otoplaty fairly young, with majority or patients between 4 and 14 years of age, however adults may have the need for an otoplasty as well. Children’s ears tend to be fully developed by the age of 4, and the surgery can be a self-esteem booster for a child who may experience stress due to ridicule from peers. Additionally, the cartilage of the ear is more pliable at a young age, which makes the shaping of the ear much easier. Still, adults can and often do elect to receive an otoplaty to correct facial balance once they discover this procedure. 


An otoplasty is usually performed behind the ear, in an inconspicuous location. The entire surgery will typically take two to three hours to perform. Typically, the ear skin will be removed and ear cartilage folded back or an incision may be made to sculpt any exposed cartilage. Your doctor will discus the step-by-step specifics of your otoplasty, prior to the procedure. The technique of your procedure will depend on your needs and your doctor’s recommendation, so it is important to work with experienced surgeons. We specialize in cosmetic procedures, and our doctors are board certified from with many years of experience, to assure you receive the results and care that you deserve.

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